The NerdyGirl Lifestyle


I am a 26 y.o. Business Professor, speaker and  blogger. I created this resource and community to connect and share with other intellectual (nerdy)  women.

Personally, I’ve had a very unique career path with limited built-in advantages. I had to learn to play every card I’ve been dealt, never folding.  I discovered my skill set,  fine-tuned them (still doing so!), then applied my skill. As a result, I’ve created exceptional opportunities for myself and others. This very strategy has allowed me to create my own lifestyle– The NerdyGirlLifestyle.

NerdyGirl is focused on women, but isn’t limited to women. NerdyGirl stems from my own personal journey in owning my unique talents and intellect while simultaneously advocating for the progression of women.

I blog to share my NerdyGirl formula in efforts to empower you to own your nerdy too. Equally important, I plan on being completely transparent and vulnerable  about my trials and triumphs as a millennial woman in the workforce. I’m taking a risk by putting it all out there, but if you gain from it, IT IS ALL WORTH IT.

I’m excited! I hope you are too. Speak with you soon…

-Prof. Monica Stockhausen

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