A Smart way to deal with Failure #MajorKey

Remember the failure story I wrote about last week? The one when I completely missed the opportunity to be great? If not, see previous post titled: Accepting failure gets harder as a professional adult.


I mentioned a second chance in that blog and you will be proud to hear that I took the chance and I am sure you are eager to hear my results.

My second chance came and of course I wanted to avoid it like the plague. However, the need to redeem myself succumbed me. I had a chat with the Dean at the, well I’ll call it my ‘second chance’ college and it went extremely well. I did my research, asked insightful questions and handled the conversation with ease.

…But of course! There were slight bumps in the road —nothing worth having comes easy my friends.

I walked into the office and 0 out of 2 Deans were present. I woke up early, read my positive affirmations and drove a hour to get there, therefore I was instantly frustrated. The assistant who I made friends with previously (this was actually my second drive there, I went the previous Friday to an empty campus) sent a few emails to check-in to see when the Deans could possibly pop in, feeling defeated, I was about to walk out until, well that is until the Dean I did the most research on walked right in and said “I hear you were looking for me”.

I had to have the conversation right then and there,in front of everyone in the office, but I was prepared for it, this time around I was prepared for anything.

The end of the conversation resulted in the Dean encouraging me to apply for adjunct positions, however full-time was what I truly wanted.

Although I wasn’t able to get the full-time position I desired, I obtained 2 valuable keys that will unlock the next door(s) of opportunity:

  1. I established the relationship and made an awesome impression. The dean and the assistant know who I am, my abilities and what I can add to their team. This isn’t the end, I have a feeling I’ll see them again. This key will be extremely useful in the future.


2. I am unequivocally self-assured in overcoming embarrassing failures. I know that I can soar IF I have the courage to pull my face off the floor— don’t count yourself out too early, failure is usually a set up to win in the near or far future, you never know if the next bend in the road could be your success.

In the words of DJ Khalid, This is a66300609


I hope you are enjoying my NerdyGirl journey and it gives you insight into your own career path. Be well, speak with you soon.

—Prof. Monica Stockhausen

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