{Free Webinar} Don’t keep your idea waiting!


Hey NerdyGirl,

Some people always know they want to be entrepreneurs.

For others, it’s a journey — often a surprising one.

Recently, I’ve gotten to know a fellow online entrepreneur who never planned to start a business: a woman named Tara Reed.

For years, people told Tara she couldn’t start an online business — because even though she worked at a big tech company, she wasn’t “technical” and didn’t know anything about building technology.

And for a long time, she believed them.

But like many of you, Tara couldn’t stop thinking about her big dreams — dreams of being her own boss, of working from home, and making passive income.

So finally, Tara decided to start a side project.

Even though she wasn’t “technical,” she launched a technology startup — without learning any coding or technical skills.

She discovered a method for testing and validating a startup idea: a method that can work for anyone.

Tara used her method to launch an app that landed her $35,000 in sales and $100,000 from investors — all in her first year!

She’s told me a little about her process, and I’m convinced it can work for anyone…

…even if your ideas seem too BIG and COMPLICATED for you to do on your own…

…even if you never thought you’d be an entrepreneur.

Want to know how?

Tara is sharing her method at a FREE invite-only webinar on February 22 at 8 pm EST5 pm PST:

FREE WEBINAR: “How to Test Your Startup Idea”


Join me there! — just sign up to save your spot.

I look forward to seeing you there!

-NerdyGirl Monica

P.S. Don’t keep your big idea waiting!

Thank again! If you have any questions, just hit reply! 

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