img_6267Launch your next product in 3 days

Hey Nerdy Girls,

Have you ever noticed how individualized the web has become?

Think of the three websites where you spend most of your time online. I’d bet that all three of those sites are giving you an experience that’s highly customized. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one or two of them are giving you an experience that’s completely unique to you.

Facebook? It’s as individual as your thumbprint: no one else’s feed looks exactly like yours. Amazon? You’re the only one who sees precisely the recommendations you do. Even your Google search will give you results that are slightly different from anyone else’s.

Pretty soon, your entire online experience will be customized just for you, recognizing and responding to your interests and preferences — no matter where you click.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be that responsive with your online business?

What if you could control all the content on your site, ensuring that everything a visitor sees is only what they want to see?

What if you could give your online customers an interactive experience that’s tailored to them?

If you don’t know much about technology, then you might think creating that kind of customization requires years of experience with technology and coding. But the truth is that the system underlying these personalized experiences are really simple.

And you can figure out how to build that kind of system for your own website, product, or app — in just three days.

Last week, I emailed you about my friend Tara Reed. Tara teaches online entrepreneurs how to build apps, interactive websites, and digital products — all without ever writing code.

This week, Tara’s hosting a crazy three-day Plan Your App Challenge. In the challenge, you’ll learn what existing software you can use to create an amazingly customized website or app for your customers, using tools you already know how to use! In the three days, you’ll plan your AppHack, using the same techniques Tara used to launch an app that earned her $35,000 in sales and $100,000 in investor money in just 12 months.

The Challenge costs $10, but that’s just to help you motivate yourself! — when you finish the Challenge, you get your money back! 

Want to join? All you need to do is sign up here:


The three-day challenge starts March 1, so don’t miss out!

I look forward to seeing your AppHack!

-NerdyGirl Monica


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