Guide: How to become a Self-Published Author in 30 days

Kim S. Scott’s Guide:

How to Become a Self-Published Author in 30 days

May 2016 I wrote and self-published my first book. July 2016 I wrote and self-published my second book. August 2016 I became a three-time published author when I co-authored a book with women across the country. In October 2016, I decided I wanted to write an ebook on how to write a book, so that day I wrote and published my fourth book. In March 2017, my fifth book was released.

 I wrote and self-published five books in 10 months! 

…How did you do it? Is a question that has become all so familiar. My hope is that I help you figure out just how NerdyGirl—Here is your Quick How-to Guide:

Step 1: Make a decision and then ask, Why?

I had to decide to do it no matter what it took. This may seem trivial, but the decision itself is important to starting the process. 3fe38e23e91964c721c408133823cc1b_its-your-decision-meme-decision_400-400The decision held me accountable to figure out the ‘WHY’. The moment I decided what I was going to do and that this story inside of me must be released, I knew my ‘WHY’.  I knew that in my story there was power, a power that could break generational curses and teach people how to live a spiritually healthy life. Speaking my ‘WHY’ out loud made me realize that this was no longer a game but something that had to become a priority. 

Personally, the hardest part was starting, which is often a struggle we all deal with in whatever capacity. Many people say they want to write a book, but don’t actually want to research the ‘how’ (pre-work) to get them there…

Step 2:  Figure out ‘The How’

Figuring out how to become a published author was the bulk of the work.  I know that you’d like for me to give you all the steps in this blog, but I wouldn’t be a nerdy girl who rocks if I laid out all the details for free 😂— All steps are in my fourth book Get This Book Out of Me, Birth Your Story in 30 Days.

…BUT I will say this, anytime you want to accomplish something new, do the research and use the research to do the work. Know that there isn’t any instant gratification, it took me months to research how to become a self-published author before I was educated enough to actually do it.                                                                                                                         nelsonmandela

The moment I had the physical copy of my first book in hand, I realized just how possible anything was if I focused and worked on it. What many people said was impossible because they didn’t do it, now became the norm for mePlease know that I am a working wife, mother of two and an entrepreneur, If I have the time to focus and work on it, you do too. 

Step 3: Jump out of the plane & build the parachute on the way!

The doors that opened for me after I published my books have been endless, (webinars, book signings, keynotes). The credibility of being a self-published author granted me opportunities that blew by the next person. The power of my story became valuable and profitable. Now, I did not know this at the time, but I did know that there was power in my story and that I needed to share it and that was enough to start.

3o6Zt6q6itZ3wQcNFKPlease understand that you have a story inside of you. The days of you holding back your story because you think no one will listen, ARE OVER. The birthing of your story will set people free! It’s time for you to birth your story and writing a book is a great way to do it! 

For more information about how to write and self-publish your book, you can read my ebook  “Get This Book Out of Me, Birth Your Story in 30 Days” .

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