4 Brand Marketing Tips from Grandma

4 Brand Marketing Tips I learned from Grandma


by @Mrs.Queenie Johnson, M.A.

Celebrity Education Consultant


Brand marketing is incredibly important to the success of your business vision. You probably won’t believe this, but there was a time when I was terrified of marketing my brand. The very thought of it made me cringe.

I hated talking to people about my business because I didn’t want to be known as “THAT” girl.

Well …



…now I seize every opportunity to share with others how I change lives through my work with Mama Be Brilliant Leadership Co. (I also had a no-fluff business coach who straightened me out!)

When I stepped up my marketing game I realized that all I had to do was follow my great-grandmother’s brand marketing tips. Say what??

Yes. I was thumbing through some old photos of her and suddenly realized that she was a marketing genius.

Here are 4 tips that I stole from my great grandma Angie:





Your grandmother probably wore a strong and very distinctive perfume. You know, the kind of perfume that lingers long after you’ve hugged her. My grandmother wore CHANEL 5; she was a sophisticated and classy woman. Just thinking about her, invokes the delightful fragrance. Grandma Angie’s house carried a distinctive smell as well. When I walked into her house it had a peculiar smell – like that old -fashioned moth ball smell. I squirmed at the aroma when I was younger; however, as I grew older, I came to appreciate and welcome the smell of my grandmother’s house. I instantly knew I was back in Florida when I walked through her door. Even now, whenever I’m in a store and I come across the distinctive “moth ball” scent, I immediately thought about my grandmother.

From a brand perspective, this taught me to carry a scent and to create a brand that has a smell (literally and figuratively). Something that is my own, something to remember me by. Does your brand have a scent? What comes to mind when you are thought of?



I don’t know about your grandmother, but my great grandmother had a signature dish. Her collard greens were delicious, and her country time iced tea was amazing. This might make you laugh, but my grandmother was also known for “stockpiling” before it became popular by the extreme coupon-ers. Her kitchen was laid out like a grocery store and everybody knew it.

Let’s pull out the marketing secrets from this tip. You must have a signature program, service or product and a distinctive way in which you do business. My signature programs are the Brand Academy for Moms and Mama Be Brilliant, Luxury Camp. I hand select every woman that I work with. All my clients know that I don’t come into coaching calls unless I receive their application. No application, no call. Period. The Brand Academy teaches clients how to use a spiritual and stylish approach to cashing in on their creativity over the next 12 months, attracting clients and building a brand their clients love and adore. What’s your signature program, product or skill?



My grandmother always wore floral and plaid print cotton and polyester housecoats (Dusters). As a child, I believed she had hundreds of them, but I’m sure it wasn’t that many. When customers see you and your brand (your skill or product) there should be a consistent visual identity to help them instantly recognize and relate to you. Your goal is to project an image that represents your values and establishes your unique beliefs. Clearly my grandmother was going for ease, comfort and a dash of style. Your brand image is all about how your customers perceive and experience you. How do your customers see you?



Every grandmother has her point of view and she has a special way in which she sees the world. If I ask you to recall a saying or a deep-seated belief that your grandmother has, without hesitation, you’d be able to fire off several grandma-isms. In business, if you don’t have a unique position or view-point your customers won’t recognize your brand value and you won’t be remembered. As you talk to your customers about what you do, your goal is not to convince them to like you, your goal is to gain their respect and trust in you. Most grandmas have something to say about everything, and whether you agree with her opinion or not she’s going to give it to you. Your brand needs a stance (voice) and a point of view. Establish your own expressions, brand phrases, and mottos. Leave your trail of thinking in every business conversation. This will do wonders for your brand.

So Nerdy Girl,  which marketing tip resonates with you the most? What tips can you steal from your grandma? Leave your comment below!



 Ms.Queenie travels around the country teaching audiences how to use celebrity branding secrets to position themselves as the only authority. She is the Creative Director of Mama Be Brilliant, a personal brand and leadership agency offering high-level training which help corporate working moms realize their creative dreams and regain their true self, all while raising brilliant kids.

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