Everyone is a ‘Know It All’

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Living your Best Life

By Whitley Porter

        Pastor | Speaker |  Talk Show Host


Everyone is a ‘know it all’, there are so many people in the world who are self-proclaimed life coaches and spiritual gurus.  It can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you need the help, but can’t seem to find the right help to live your best life.

My personal journey and attempt to live my best life the best way I know how, has been messy (a lot of ugly cries and moments of silence–read more in my new book).

I’m a Pastor, therefore my first search for help is through God, however I have observed  that in this process we put so much emphasis on GOD being the one to do what HE said, but never discuss our own end of the bargain.

We need to take ownership of what God has given us, including our destiny.

We  have to let go of our fear and step into our destiny. I know, the ‘letting go of fear’ part is not child’s play.

So, I want to share 3 Tips on how I’ve learned to Live My Best Life and to start the ‘letting go’ of the fear.

Tip 1: Commit to the Process


The key to your next level is in your mindset. You have to know outright that God has called you to greater. There is no special formula or potion that you can do or take to help you skip past the process of “commitment”.  Make a plan and stick to it. You will need to have something you can be held accountable by and you won’t be able to run from. Stay committed no matter what.

Tip 2: Deal with your emotions


Don’t run from the hard conversations, even the ones you need to have with yourself. You need you to be whole. You have to take a moment and figure out how you feel and why you feel that way. You have control over your emotions so don’t let them run you away from your destiny. Be okay with being “petty” or looking dumb for the sake of your sanity. Emotions are okay, staying in an emotional place is not. Recognize them and move forward. You have too much life to live.

Tip 3: Take Risks


Most people struggle with taking risks because they are afraid of failure. My thought towards risk taking is simple, what is the worst that can happen? What if you do fail, then what? My advice to you is to make educated risks. Run into your calling and don’t look back. Success will not come through osmosis, you will need to put your faith into action. Challenge yourself to take one of the biggest risks in your life and have someone hold you to it! We need to learn to engage in what scares us the most! That could be our ticket to success! Take a leap.

The moral– You have work to do. Living Your Best Life can be only one decision away for some of us. Take a risk and move boldly. Allow wisdom to be your guide and fear to be your motivation! Just remember, you have to take responsibility for this! See you on your other side of success!

Meet Whitley on IG @whitley_porter | Buy her book Live Your Best Life

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