Everyone is a ‘Know It All’

Living your Best Life By Whitley Porter         Pastor | Speaker |  Talk Show Host NerdyGirl, Everyone is a 'know it all', there are so many people in the world who are self-proclaimed life coaches and spiritual gurus.  It can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you need the help, but can't seem [...]

Do I really need a Life Coach?

Do I really need a Life Coach? By: Ashley Arthur Professional Coach | Producer | Model Hi there NerdyGirl, My name is Ashley Arthur and I'm a Professional Life Coach. If that career title puzzles you, rest assured, you are not alone. As the industry of coaching continues to expand how could one not be confused? Nutritional [...]

4 Brand Marketing Tips from Grandma

4 Brand Marketing Tips I learned from Grandma by @Mrs.Queenie Johnson, M.A. Celebrity Education Consultant NerdyGirl, Brand marketing is incredibly important to the success of your business vision. You probably won’t believe this, but there was a time when I was terrified of marketing my brand. The very thought of it made me cringe. I [...]

Get Promoted | The Monahan Method

How to get a Promotion By @HeatherMonahan       Chief Revenue Officer for Beasley Media Group, Inc #BossinHeels Everyone wants to get promoted and make more money but many people are afraid to put the work in and ask for it. Remember in life you will get the things you ask for and go after. [...]

Guide: How to become a Self-Published Author in 30 days

Kim S. Scott's Guide: How to Become a Self-Published Author in 30 days May 2016 I wrote and self-published my first book. July 2016 I wrote and self-published my second book. August 2016 I became a three-time published author when I co-authored a book with women across the country. In October 2016, I decided I wanted to write [...]

Launch your next product in 3 days Hey Nerdy Girls, Have you ever noticed how individualized the web has become? Think of the three websites where you spend most of your time online. I’d bet that all three of those sites are giving you an experience that’s highly customized. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised [...]

{Free Webinar} Don’t keep your idea waiting!

  Hey NerdyGirl, Some people always know they want to be entrepreneurs. For others, it's a journey -- often a surprising one. Recently, I've gotten to know a fellow online entrepreneur who never planned to start a business: a woman named Tara Reed. For years, people told Tara she couldn't start an online business -- [...]