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Why NerdyGirl is raising capital…

NerdyGirlsRock is a online resource and community designed to inspire and empower intellectual “nerdy” women to be confident, skillful and economically independent..

It’s pretty simple, we teach women how to own their unique skill-set, package it & sell it in order to create wealth & opportunity. That is what this campaign is about, we’d like to create a few jobs & events for nerdy girls and we need your pledge of $20.00 to do it. Just think, you will be responsible for creating jobs!

What We Need

This is the NerdyGirl Plan:
We plan to create NerdyGirl business pitch events and conferences to really pour into these women.
We also plan to hire a few NerdyGirl interns for at least 6 months to 1 year.
We also will use the $$$ for online advertising, so when can expand our NerdyGirl market.

The Impact

Economic development through individuals is our main concern, so…
We strive to improve lives in our community by assisting women in becoming economically independent.
We do this by inspiring women to be confident and skillful through inspirational and tactical content and events.

Other Ways You Can Help

Donate your $20.00 by clicking our logo below…

We understand that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Volunteer for any of our events! Time is just a valuable as money, please sign up at

We also take smaller donations under $20, every dollar adds up!